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    Graduate Recruitment - How it Works

    • Sourcing: Draft and improve spec requirements in order to attract right candidates
    • Screening: MyInterivew tool- prepopulated questions aimed at us getting to know the candidates and ask them ‘out the box’ questions
    • Telephonics: we also screen our candidates to go through transcripts, better understand their extracurricular activities and studies.
    • TechChecks: Successful candidates complete tailor made technical assessments which will let us assess whether or not they have the technical ability to be in this role.
    • Cognitive ability: Candidates complete the first round of psychometric testing, where we test their learnability, memory and understanding, and overall cognitive functioning.
    • Face to face / 1st round interviews: This is where line and the candidates get to interact with one another for the first time
    • Full set of psychometric assessments: Shortlisted candidates go through to an online psychometric assessment, which allows for us understand their personality types, strengths and weaknesses and where they wish to take their careers.

    Majority of this process is run on line, to allow for ease of access. Candidate who may not have access to their tools we accommodate accordingly.

    This process allows for us to get a better understanding of each the candidates before they start in the most cost efficient way.

    If you are interested in Pro Tem assisting you with your Graduate Recruitment please contact:

    Amanda Barret
    Key Account Manager
    +27 83 281 1419