Pro Tem Talent Advisory is a specialist in tech, engineering, finance, health industry, supply chain and mining recruitment with over 20 years of experience. We at Pro Tem have an established database of candidates that have been assessed through our various technical exercises. This is to ensure they are aligned with the requirements needed for their specific roles.

Our experienced team has built up profiles on the likes of GitHub and Stack Overflow, where we predominantly source our talent. We work closely with our clients to build strategic partnerships. In doing so, we better understand their business to get buy-in from candidates. Pro Tem has invested in a number of different technologies to make the recruitment process smoother and more time efficient- that way we don’t lose candidates due to a drawn-out process!

We are Future-conscious – Time waits for no company, so staying ahead of the curve requires constant attention.


At Pro Tem, talent management and our talent management technologies are the strategic approach we as a business unit undertake in identifying, attracting and on-boarding talented individuals for your business, in order to efficiently and effectively meet your ever growing and dynamic business needs.

We back up every decision, strategy, target, goal or thought with data, ensuring that we are continuously using key metrics and previous performance to drive continuous improvements and to ensure we make the best decisions each and every time, which inevitably increases the quality of the talent coming into your business. We identify the overall business need and align that together with key stake holders in the organization, examine work force plans, markets and our strength in those markets allowing us to strategize on both a local as well as a global level.