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Psycrecruit is an online psychometric tool we are utilising.

Pro Tem can access the library and release reports as and when we need them. 360 reports include:

  • Interpersonal style
  • Thinking style
  • Emotional style
  • Motivational values
  • Culture fit
  • Social desirability
  • Cognitive ability assessment (separate assessment)

This is an opportunity to first screen shortlisted candidates by means of “MyInterview”. “MyInterview” allows job specific questions to be sent out to candidates, the candidate then answers the questions whilst being recorded. This recording is then saved and sent through to the hiring manager, in the form of a link. All recorded answers may be viewed from there.

Different settings may be applied for each questions such as:

  • The candidate can watch their answers and re-record their answers (the number of times can be stipulated)
  • Set time for specific questions to be answered

Findings so far:

  • Line manger can watch when they have time.
  • Links never expire therefore line managers will be able revert back whenever needed.
  • Allow for a streamlined and fair process for all candidates
  • Able to evaluate candidates on culture fit, energy, communication styles and decision to proceed.

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IKM: We have partnered with IKM in order to run practical and theoretical assessments, as and when required. These costs are part of our retainer and we have unlimited access to the assessment options, therefore no additional cost to the business. These are aimed more towards development hires, however, there is a cognitive ability assessment tool that has been widely used in graduate / internship programmes.

The tests fall under the following categories:

  • None adaptive (attention to detail, business writing skills, English, marketing, etc)
  • Technical assessments (200+ assessments to choose from, coding languages to project management). Custom builds are also available.
  • Code Checks- these are more hands-on coding assessments. Basic scenarios posed and the candidates then have to code from scratch (C languages, Java, PHP, etc.)

We have access to these libraries and have an uncapped license. We can release these as and when needed per role.



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