• Dedicated Talent Practitioner based at the client site
          • All recruitment functions will be conducted at the clients premises
          • No of consultants required at RPO site are dependent on the volume of work and client needs


          • Talent practitioner will be based at Pro Tem offices
          • Some recruitment functions will be performed on-site
          • Talent practitioner will be on-site when interviews are being conducted and engage in face to face feedback with clients


          • Candidate sourcing and screening
          • Shortlisting and interviews
          • Verication checks and references
          • Placement of candidates on Pro Tem payroll (min risk)
          • Timesheet, leave and payroll functions
          • Independent exit interviews


1. Recruitment Process Outsourcing: RPO

On-site RPO:

  • Full outsource function of client recruitment process
  • Pro Tem operates under the client brand
  • RPO will perform screening, shortlisting, interviews, MIE, on-boarding
  • Pro Tem develops and documents full RPO recruitment process
  • Develop monthly KPI dashboards

Virtual RPO:

  • Outsource agreement on service fees
  • Pro Tem operates under Pro Tem brand
  • Pro Tem will screen and send CV’s to the client
  • Client will handle shortlisting, interviews and on-boarding
  • Monthly stats dashboard excl. KPI’s

2. Pro Tem Development Assessment: PDA

  • PDA is an online psychometric assessment tool which analysis behaviour profiles.
  • The test identifies individual preferences, what their strengths are, motivators, and where they have an opportunity for development.
  • PDA report focuses on describing the person’s profile in relation to the workplace:
      • Communication style
      • Leadership style
      • Sales style
      • Administrative style.
  • The Assessment can be completed in 15 minutes online without any supervision required
  • On completion of the assessment, a detailed report will be mailed to the client and the candidate who completed the assessment

Company’s use PDA to understand people’s strengths and developmental areas to improve job/career prospects, current and future job performance and relationships with subordinates, colleagues and superiors.

3. Pro Tem – Performance Management System: ENGAGE

  • Engage is an online performance tool offering companies to develop KPI measurements  against individuals and/or groups of job profiles.
  • The KPI are developed using question and answers. Answers are based on yes/no or multiple choose
  • KPI question can be developed
  • The employee is required to perform a self-assessment monthly. The manager will confirm the assessment and conclude.
  • If there are discrepancies the employee can schedule time with their manager to discuss the assessment
  • Additional motivators can be used, such as Nomination which can be given to employee during the year, for good work done.

To be effective and yield results, performance management must be a year round process.



Pro Tem is currently engaged in a number  successful RPO’s. Our team of consultants are highly skilled and offer the necessary expertise to ensure a successful PARTNERSHIP. Pro Tem has an established Talent Methodology with proven success and cost saving to our clients.

Duration: August 2015 to date


  • Long time-to-fill  (Three months or more).
  • Challenge to recruit candidates in outlying areas.
  • High dependency on 3rd party recruitment agencies.

Project Scope:

  • Re-design the recruitment process.
  • Eliminate 3rd Party recruitment spend
  • Build database of candidates for outlying areas


Developed and Implemented recruitment processes and templates.
Reduced Recruitment life-cycle 25 days incl. notice period.
Reduced recruitment spend by 56%.
Placed 150+ personnel in 4 years.


Duration: February 2015 to date


  • Long time-to-fill cycle (Three months or more).
  • Lack of recruitment processes – resulting in complex and unproductive hiring process.
  • Reliance on contingent recruitment agencies even with internal recruiters, which resulted in high recruitment spend.
  • No pipeline of candidates to support business continuity.

Project Scope:

  • Analyse current “As Is” processes and create “To Be” processes.
  • Develop and implement entire recruitment policy.
  • Reduce time-to-fill from 3 months to 45 days.
  • Ensure transformation targets are met - 70% on all new hires.


90% of positions filled.
Achieved over 75% transformation targets
Recruitment life-cycle 46 days incl. notice period.
Reduction in recruitment spend by 32%.
Building of pipeline – Qualified and available candidates ready to deploy for new projects.


Duration: February 2016 – November 2019


  • 100% reliant on multitude of labour brokers to recruit personnel.
  • No internal recruitment division and/or processes
  • Labour broker costs were escalating.
  • Changes in legislation driving the business to change.

Project Scope:

  • Analyse current “As-Is” processes and create “To-Be” processes.
  • Develop and implement recruitment policy.
  • Develop KPI’s to govern and measure the recruitment process.
  • Develop cost saving benchmarks
  • Develop a self-funding RPO model


Developed and Implemented recruitment processes and templates.
RPO achieved self-funding in less than 9 months.
Achieved savings in excess of R5 million in 3 years
Placed in excess of 150+ personnel in 3 years


Duration: March 2019 – to date


  • Reliance on multitude of third party agencies
  • Lack of standard recruitment processes across the Group
  • Extensive spend on recruitment and supporting services
  • No database of active and passive candidates

Project Scope:

  • Develop and implement talent acquisition processes for permanent, contractor and executive
  • Reduce recruitment spend and spend on career portals
  • Build robust talent pools for scarce skills
  • Achieve group transformation targets + 70%


Developing standard talent acquisition process
Complete elimination of career portals and third part agency spend
Placement of over 80 positions in 9 months
Achieving R150K savings a month


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