HRO Today – HR Across the Spectrum: Predictions for 2016

2015 marked the return of talent and put human resources executives front and center as their companies’ chief growth catalysts across diverse industry verticals.

During the Great Recession, employees were a cost center to be swept partly away in the effort to “tidy the house.” This is no longer the case, and many organizations now strive to treat employees, job candidates, talent communities, and temporary workers with greater care and respect. “Up, up with people,” goes the refrain of an old tune reimagined for the decade ahead.

This renewed emphasis on the “human” part of human resources is evident in many companies’ talent recruitment, onboarding, and productive engagement of both salaried and non-salaried workers. It looms largest above all other predictions for where HR is headed in 2016 and colors the type of technology business managers want (and that providers make) to better understand what motivates and drives people. It’s also informing decisions relating to employee training, mobility and recognition, and broader employment branding efforts.

We reached out to a dozen deep thinkers across the HR landscape for their boldest predictions on the direction things are headed (HR-wise) through the remainder of this year. The interviewees span multiple spheres of influence—learning and development, mobility, technology, recognition, contingent workforce, and talent acquisition. Below are their projections for 2016.