As a financial services institution, FirstRand Group provides personal, private, business, commercial and corporate banking services to millions of customers across South Africa.
As part of the FirstRand Group and as one of the top three banks in the country, they measure success not only by growth in their profits but also by the contribution made towards their community's growth and sustainability.


Within the Financial Services sector there is a shortage of skills within some of their divisions, such as IT. In our current global technological environment with changes happening so often, it is imperative that the internal systems, technology and infrastructure support their value chain activities to provide only the best service to their clients. Their goals are to service the South African country, by providing excellent financial services to their customers which includes having their internal value chain consisting of the most highly skilled and educated individuals. Even though they do have an internal recruitment department, there are many specialized roles that require talented individuals that require to be headhunted.


Since most of the roles are specialized and unique and are hard to find. This talent was
headhunted using our online marketing tool to attract only the most talented and educated
individuals suitable to the client’s requirements. These candidates performed an online assessment to determine the strength of their technical abilities as well as face to face interviews to discover their personality and culture fit. Having an excellent understanding of the clients and the candidate’s requirements allowed us to match the most suitable candidate for the requirement.


  • Marketing Mailers


  • Java Developer
  • Test Analysts
  • Security Specialist
  • Team Assistant
  • Business Analyst
  • Solution Architect
  • Project Managers
  • Oracle EBS Developer

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