How To Write You CV

How To Write You CV

How To Write You CVHow To Write You CV: It is vital that a person’s CV is perfect. You only get one chance to impress a recruitment agency. Your representation is what carries your know-how and talent into the right hands. If something appears to be unprofessional to the recruitment agency or company, your reputation and chances are put on the line. There is no patience for sloppy work.

Only the very best and most impressive CV’s get short-listed. It is for this reason that your CV needs to be well written and to the point. A CV is like a personal brochure, giving you a chance to show off all your attributes without a recruitment agency or company actually meeting you. What is important to remember is that for every job that you apply for, there at least 100 other people who have applied too. There are various basics that are important when putting together a CV.

  • Name
  • Contact information
  • Education
  • Employment history
  • Awards
  • Reference list
  • Letter of motivation

The details of CV should include no more than this. It is important that you keep it as short as possible. The more concise and to the point a CV is, the better chance you have of recruitment agencies and companies reading through it. When putting together a CV, always use formal and well- written language. Writing needs to be simple and clear.

  • No abbreviations
  • No slang
  • Show off your unique qualities
  • Use a clear, basic layout
  • Keep your CV relevant to the receiver
  • Error free
  • Up to date

What not to include

  • Photo
  • Salary history
  • Reasons for leaving previous job

Unless this information is requested in the job specs, you should not worry about including it into your CV.

CV formatting and cover letters

Keeping details in a basic and easy to read layout will benefit you. Concentrate on the basic details rather than the impressive layout of the CV.