Career Advice:

How To Write a CV

Write A CVIt is vital that a person’s CV is perfect. You only get one chance to impress a recruitment agency. Your representation is what carries your know-how and talent into the right hands. If something appears to be unprofessional to the recruitment agency or company, your reputation and chances are put on the line...

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Writing a Cover Letter

Write a Cover LetterA cover letter could make the difference between you being short listed and ignored. It shows devotion to your application and also provides a first impression of your personality. Cover letters should be kept as simple as possible...

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Successful Interview

Why Pro TeamA job interview is always a daunting experience. The pressure to perform, show your personality, be bright and engaging, convey your skill set, all whilst being
calm and collected is no easy feat. However, with preparation, poise and a pleasant smile you’ll find the interview will go much smoother than once

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