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HIV and AIDS: What you need to know

HIV and AIDS: Meanings and definitions HIV is the virus, which attacks the T-cells (CD-4 cells) in the immune system. AIDS is the syndrome, which appears in the advanced stage of HIV infection. HIV is a virus. AIDS is a medical condition. HIV infection can cause AIDS to develop. However, it is possible to be infected with HIV without…
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Welcome Prebashini – IT Talent Specialist

Professional IT Recruitment done seamlessly by a qualified IT Professional. Prebashini is no ordinary recruiter with a degree in Computer Sciences, she is certified in IBM DataStage, Java J2EE, CAPM and has a Diploma in Business Analysis which lends to her advantage of producing uniquely creative ideas and the ability to conceptualise and develop comprehensive marketing campaigns for focused…
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Compliment on one of our Recruiters

Here is a compliment from one if our clients about our recruiter, Sadia:   “I’ve had the distinct pleasure of having been a client of Sadia’s both as a prospective employer as well as a professional seeking a new career opportunity. I can say, without hesitation, that she has exceeded my expectations in all the…
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7 most in-demand qualities employers are looking for

7 most in-demand qualities employers are looking for 1) Intelligence: In every study, it has been found that fully 76 percent of the productivity and contribution of an employee will be determined by his or her level of intelligence. Intelligence in this sense means the ability to plan, to organize, to set priorities, to solve…
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